1970 Monte Carlo Battery Cable Spring Ring



Authentic Replacement cables from Konik's are made specifically for your vehicle make and model.

Correct Length & Terminals

All of our battery cables are custom made for your specific vehicle and application, just like the original OEM equipment. Most aftermarket products are made to standard lengths. Our cables also feature the correct terminals on each end. Fire retardant loom, grommets and clamps are also included where applicable.

Cable Gauge

Here at Konik's we understand how critical the cable gauge is in order to ensure a good ground and proper voltage flow. Many aftermarket cable manufacturers use cheap "heavy wall" insulated cable to make you believe they are using the correct gauge cable. All of our cables use the correct gauge cable.

Vehicle Year 1970
Vehicle Make chevrolet
Vehicle Model Monte Carlo

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Product Availability:
Many of the products offered by Konik's Klassiks are made to order at the time of purchase and are not normally held in inventory at our location. As a result, it may take 6-8 weeks to provide the part(s) you order. Please call us at 810-334-4162 with any inquiries regarding product availability.

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