Dave R.

Dave Reem — Virginia
I have known Leo Konik for 8 years now. We are both proud members of a club that is meant exclusively for owners or future owners of the first generation Monte Carlos, 1970-1972. I met Leo for the first time in June of 2006. From what I had read or heard from other club members, Leo was top notch at his ability to supply resto parts, NOS parts, refurbished stock & resto parts, or perform resto operations himself at his facility in Michigan. I had never needed his services until New Years Eve 2006 into 2007. Brake failure backing into my garage caused damage to my front driver’s fender.

Knowing that Leo’s expertise is Monte Carlos and other 68-72 A-bodies, one quick call to Leo produced the needed estimate info that my insurance company required to finalize the claim. There were no questions from the insurance company regarding Leo’s estimate as it was right in line with what the claims examiner expected. The examiner was also an enthusiast and saw that the estimate was appropriate.

Leo was upfront with the time frame to deliver the fender and other related parts and all was delivered in perfect manner about a month and a half later. Bear in mind, the fender was to be a refurbished used fender and was done to perfection. One point to note is that even without the car in Leo’s presence, the body work performed on the fender was so close to perfection, I was thrilled.

There are so many good qualities about Leo, and here are a few. Leo will be honest with you regardless of the situation. Leo will also perform his best service regardless of who you are. I noted that Leo takes a great amount of pride in his work and that of his associates. There is no job too important that a rush will cause quality to suffer. The best part in Leo’s character is honesty and hard work. I wish I lived closer to Leo to enjoy his company a little more.

Thanks for all you did Leo, you are the man.


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