Joe M. – Kansas City, MO

Testimonial: I purchased a 1970 Monte Carlo that had some assembly needed, with what was said to be all parts ion the trunk. As I got into the project, I found that some pieces were needed. As a novice I contacted Leo at Konik’s Klassiks walked me through he process and knew exactly what parts I needed. The parts came quickly in excellent packaging. Once everything was installed in the interior, even my untrained eye could see that I needed all new seat covers, cushions and carpet. Again, Leo walked me through the process to ensure I chose the right colors and weaves. The interior looked great, but it was time to get that rocker trim installed. What I had would not look good enough so I called Leo. He recommended upgrading to some clips he had researched resourced, as they are more forgiving for the installation (avoiding trim damage) and hold better than what comes with the trim from the manufacturer. Ever the cheapskate, I said I will have help from someone who knows what they are doing. Sure enough, the installer said the clips might cause him to damage the trim or my Monte. I called Leo right away and told him I should have listened to him. he sent the clips right out and the trim went on like butter!

Clearly, Leo is knowledgeable from years of restoring Monte Carlos and other vehicles. Customers are able to get all of that advice at no extra charge if they want it. Even after hours!

Leo Koinik and Konik’s Klassiks: gems in the classic and muscle car business!

Kansas City, MO

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